Paintings about Nevada Test Site

The Nevada National Security Site includes the craters of over 1000 nuclear bombs, about 65 northwest of Las Vegas. An epitome of  the 'apocalyptic sublime', it has been the subject of my paintings and drawings since 2009.

Nevada Proving Grounds

Oil on linen, 68x40", 2009.

Collection, National Atomic Test Museum / Smithsonian Institution

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Instrumentation Tower

Oil on linen, 72x54", 2011.

Problem Child

Oil and india ink on linen, 40x30", 2010.

Double Butterfly

Oil and india ink on linen, 78x58", 2012.

Source Images of Nevada Test Site

As a painter, I use historical photographs of Nevada National Security Site (aka Nevada Test Site) as source material for my paintings (examples here and here). Finding suitable source imagery is often quite a challenge; most published photographs of nuclear tests focus on spectacular explosions (mushroom clouds, etc), while my focus is on the subsidence craters created by underground tests. Although the imagery I'm interested in is not classified, it is often archived and in some cases, forgotten.

-Eric LoPresti, 9/2014

Source photos from the National Photographic Archives, in College Park, Maryland

Source photos from Los Alamos National Library

With thanks to Alan Carr, LANL Historian